Paranormal Investigation

Okay, so I know this is going to sound strange to many folks, but spirits are real.

My story starts with numbers. I saw 722 EVERYWHERE. It was so often I kept a notebook of all the times and places it was occurring. It happens to be my birthday so I thought it was cool. But then I found out my grandfather passed away on my birthday. I can't help but think it might be him. Illogical? Maybe. But then there's the bees.

I had a friend of mine who said she could see spirits. I believed her. I asked her if she saw anything around me. But, did not have anything to report. I asked her to keep me informed if she ever did though. She calls me and asks me if I have any connection to bees. I responded, "no, bears maybe, but not bees." She insisted she had seen bees in relation to me and my grandfather. I couldn't make any connections, but she thought it may have something to do with his personality and work ethic. That part I could see. He was a very hard-working and industrious man who passed away at 55. I put the conversation out of my mind until one cold winter night in Spokane, Washington. I was at home in my room and I heard a noise. What was it? I looked for the source of the disturbance and found- a bee! In my window! That's weird. Where did it come from and how is it alive? Aren't bugs supposed to die in the cold? Well I killed it and went about my night.

Day two: my cat is playing with something in the window. I go to see what it is and its another bee! But, where are they coming from??!! I see the dead one from the day before...kill this one....and go about my day.

Day three: This afternoon I hear something in my window. What is it? Another bee! I find it highly irregular, but dismiss any connections as it simply doesn't register in my brain what is happening until weeks later. I happen to have a boyfriend call me and tell me "he had a dream about a bee. The bee was attacking him to the song the flight of the bumblebees." At that moment everything made sense to me. I think my grandpa was coming to me as a bee and letting me know he didn't approve of my boyfriend.

Coincidence? Possibly. But I think it is his spirit. These are just some of the things I've encountered. What cool things have happened to you? email me and let me know

Images from the Hubble telescope

Tell me that doesn't look like two souls in union and their guide watching close by...

I have had many incidents occur and I want to hear about yours! Please email me any strange stories you have at

Disclaimer: Use tarot with caution. Can be known to open gateways or portals.

This is an email from a friend of mine about a spirit encounter on February 28th, 2022. Her cat had been acting funny when she got an impression in her mind's eye one night. There was something at the foot of her bed. She could sense it. But she couldn't physically see anything. This is her story.

"I meditated and set my intentions on having my spirit guide(s) to be with me during the cleansing. As soon as the sentence left my lips, the door opened. I didn't know how to feel, as I stared at the door for a few seconds. For some reason, my confusion turned into comfort and I instinctively smiled, so it must've been a spirit guide.

I then proceeded to ask (out loud) whatever presence(s) to leave because this was my room now. The cat began to meow louder and louder as I started saged the room. I continued to say that I was asking out of respect and that I wasn't ready to receive any information or messages from anyone just yet. I told them that I'm still working on myself and that whenever I'm finished with my journey that I can possibly help at that point, just not now. I told them that my spirit guide will help them find another location or destination to dwell in. This is around when the cat was meowing the loudest. I told them that I'll give them time to sort themselves out and leave because I understand that leaving immediately can be uncomfortable. With a more stern voice I said that unless they were invited, whatever presence that was still in the room needed to leave. Then, I stood by the door and bowed.

I left the room to talk to * about what happened. As we were chatting, the door to the room opened a second time. He was guessing it was my spirit guides signaling that they were finished. I was a little freaked out, but in a way, it made sense to me. My logical brain is still grappling with this entire situation btw.

Anyways, I came back into the room and lit some incense to ask for my spirit guide(s) help in keeping any uninvited presences out of my room for the time being. I asked them to help me in my journey of self discovery and security within myself both spiritually and physically. I thanked them for helping me out with the sage too. There was a lot more things I asked for, but basically, I want a relationship with my spirit guide(s) if this kind of thing is going to be part of my life. "