Painting & Photography

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I started to dabble with this artform at Columbia Basin College. I wanted a way to expand my creative abilities while drastically challenging myself. Then I got an art scholarship. Now I get to expand those abilities even further.

I tend to focus on women related issues in my paintings using bold brushstrokes and simple color schemes. Other items I create while procrastinating on projects. Those topics vary.

LED love 2' x 3' acrylic on canvas

One of my first ever watercolors

Your Body is a Temple

Angkor Thom inspired acrylic on board with recycled items 2' x 3'

Celebrating 100 years of women's right to vote

2' x 18" acrylic on board

My Dorian Gray themed

"social issue" final

4' x 4' shaped board

Little yellow bike impasto

KT canvas inspired

This painting was a bucket list item

I've always wanted to do a nature landscape whilst in nature. I had to do minor surgery on the hike because I stabbed my canvas with a tree limb. The back side is pasted with leaves and paint. Nature's glue?

This diptych received an award at the student art show. It was only honorable mention, but why not mention it again?

I call it Wilt plaid.

Medicine wheel with 4 flicker feathers and Procrastination parrot.

If you like my style contact me for a custom piece today!